newbie gardener OOTD

I remember the first time I had field work. It was a 2-ha field of corn. I was there almost the whole day for harvesting and data gathering. It was a very hot day!!! And do you know what I wore? – yep – a cotton green T-shirt, pants and a pair of purple New Balance shoes! I didn’t even wear a cap! Hooray! I ended having sunburns and exhausted body. I realised that it was not just the heat of the sun and the whole day field work, me not wearing the proper attire was a big factor.

So here’s an OOTD I would recommend if you are going to the field:


Wear cap, it will protect your head from heat. You can also wrap your head with white cloth or shirt before putting your cap. White cotton shirt provides additional sun protection.

Wear long sleeve shirt, it will protect your arms and upper body against the sun and dirt.

Wear pants, it will protect you from the sun, insect bites and sharp/thorny weeds.

Wear boots, also wear thick socks. This will protect you from snake bite if you accidentally stepped on them. It makes walking on uneven surface easier.


Make sure to protect yourself while enjoying farming/gardening!


1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 7 -mixed veggies you can easily make or even modify

We are now on our 7th last day of the 1 week ulam/viand challenge…yey for me! LOL.

DAY 7 of 7: Mixed veggies

Ingredients (P 92 if you are gonna buy them but all the ingredients are from our garden except sayote, ginger, onion, garlic, salt and pepper):

7 pcs okra, sliced (P 10)

1 cup himbabao (P 30)

1/2 cup malunggay leaves (P 10)

3 pcs medium size tomato (P 15)

1 pc medium size sayote (P 10)

1 pc thumb size ginger, pounded (P 5)

1 pc red onion, chopped (P 5)

3 cloves garlic, chopped (P 5)

1 tsp salt (P 1)

1/4 tsp black pepper (P 1)

2 cups chicken or pork broth (if you don’t want to buy pork or chicken to make the broth you can just use plain water)

Preparation (5 minutes):

Allow sayote and tomato to get cooked first in the broth then add all the other ingredients and boil for 1 minute.


Note: we already know the benefits of okra, malunggay, tomato, ginger, onion, and garlic – you can check out previous posts. for the himbabao, it is rich in vitamin A, thiamin, phosphorus and iron.

Did I just say you can modify them? Yes you can! Whatever veggies available in your garden or the nearest market will do. What I love about this dish is that you are making a healthy meal the easiest way.

I usually use low to no salt and oil as much as I can because we are surrounded by unhealthy food already. Your body will thank you for making your own healthy dish.

**good for 4-5 people

***in my dishes, I do not always measure my ingredient, I usually estimate them. If you are new in cooking, do not worry, the measurements I made in my previous posts won’t make your dish too salty but it can be bland (which I prefer) to some. Make sure to taste your dish before serving them. *wink*

1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 6

Day 6 is a little bit challenging but I did it so surely you can do it too!

DAY 6 of 7: Ginataang kalabasa and home-made burger patty

For the ginataang kalabasa:

Ingredients (P 72):

2 cups kalabasa, sliced (P 20)

1 cup sitao, cut (P 10)

1 cup malunggay leaves (P 5)

1/2 cup sili leaves (P 5)

1 cup pure gata (P 25)

1 cup 50:50 gata:water (free)

1 pc onion (P 5)

3 cloves galic (P 5)

1/2 tsp salt (P 1)

1/4 tsp pepper (P 1)

Preparation (9 minutes):

In a pot, boil kalabasa, sitao, onion, garlic, salt and pepper in the gata-water mix until the veggies get half-cooked. Add the malunggay, sili leaves and pure gata, then simmer for 1 minute.


Note: kalabasa as we all know is rich in vitamin A. sitao is an excellent source of vitamin C and K, good source of folic acid and protein. malunggay leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins and other essential phytochemical. coco milk is rich in vitamin C and E.

Fot the home-made burger patty:

Ingredients (P 156):

1/2 kg ground pork (P 90)

1 medium size carrot, chopped into tidbits (P 15)

2 eggs (P 14)

3 tbsp flour (P 10)

1 pc red onion (P 5)

3 cloves garlic (P 5)

1 tsp salt (P 1)

1 tsp pepper (P 1)

1/2 cup cooking oil (P 15)

Preparation (15-20 minutes):

In a bowl, combine ground pork, carrot, eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Mix everything until you get that burger consistency. Heat the pan and add oil. Fry your burger patty until it turns golden brown.


Note: ground pork is high in protein. carrot is good source of vitamin A.


**good for 6-7 people








1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 5 – the easiest to prepare chicken sotanghon

Day 5 is soup day! This can serve as viand and snack. Still a no brainer, healthy and won’t break the bank ulam/merienda you can make.

Day 5 of 7: Chicken sotanghon

Ingredients (P 159):

3 packs of sotanghon (1.04oz/pack) (P 36)

1 carrot, chopped (P 15)

1/2 head of cabbage (P 20)

1/4 kgs chicken liver (P 40)

1 pc leg-thigh chicken, boiled then shredded (P 35)

1 pc onion, chopped (P 5)

3 cloves garlic, chopped (P 5)

1 tsp salt (P 1)

1/2 tsp ground black pepper (P 1)

1 tsp oil (P 1)

10 cups of water

Preparation (15 minutes):

Sauté garlic and onion in olive oil. Add the liver and chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Add water followed by the sotanghon. Wait until the noodles become half cooked before adding the carrots and cabbage. Boil for a minute. Serve hot.


Note: carrot is rich in vitamin A. cabbage is packed with vitamin C and K. garlic has antibacterial properties while red onion contains antioxidants. chicken and liver are rich in protein

**serving is good for 7-8 people


***sorry forgot to click the publish button yesterday

1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 4

We are now on our day 4 of our challenge. Yesterday was pretty challenging. And for today’s menu…one of the easiest ulam to to make in our week..we have fried fish (pritong galunggong) and steamed ladies’ finger (okra).

DAY 4 of 7: Fried fish (galunggong) and steamed ladies’ finger

Ingredients (P 127):

1/2 kg galunggong fish (~4-6 pcs medium size galunggong) (P 80)

1/2 cup cooking oil (P 10)

1/2 tbsp salt (P 1)

1/2 tsp pepper (P 1)

16 pcs okra or ladies finger (P 30)

2 cups of water

1 tsp bagoong (optional) (P 5)


Fried fish: Season the fish with salt and pepper. In a frying pan, heat oil. Fry the seasoned fish until both sides of the fish turn brown.

Steamed okra: Place all the okra in a steamer. Steam with water for 2 minutes. Best served with bagoong or alamang.


Note: okra contains magnesium, folate, vitamin A, C, K and B6; it is also high in fiber and source of natural laxative that strengthens the digestive tract. galunggong is your source of protein; it is also rich in DHA and omega 3.

**good for 4-6 people





1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 3 with toge (mungbean sprout)

Yesterday’s viand is a quick one, right?

You did not read it wrong. Day 3 is when I made 3 lumpia dishes from toge. But do not worry, day 3 will still be healthy, easy-to-make and budget friendly.

Day 3 of 7: Lumpiang toge

Ingredients (P 130):

1/4 kg toge or mungbean sprouts (P 20)

2 pcs porkchop, cubed (P 40)

2 pcs chicken liver, chopped (P 20)

1 /4 cup tokwa/tofu, cubed

1/2 cup cabbage, chopped (P 10)

1/4 cup carrots, chopped (P 12)

1/2 tsp oyster sauce (P 10)

1/2 tsp honey (optional) (P 10)

1 tsp soysauce (P 5)

1/2 tsp salt (P 1)

1/4 tsp black pepper (P 1)

1 tbsp oil (P 1)

1/2 cup water

Preparation (10 minutes):

In a pan, fry the tokwa in 1 tbsp oil until golden brown. Set aside. While the pan is still hot, fry the cubed fatty part of the porkchop until it turns brown. Set it aside. Remove excess oil. Sauté garlic and onion. Add the fried fat, tokwa, remaining porkchop meat, and chicken liver. Add water. Let it boil until the meat is cooked. Add oyster sauce, soysauce, honey, salt and pepper, then mix the toge or mungbean sprouts. Simmer for 2 minutes before adding the cabbage and carrot. Mix everything and cover.

1st dish: Lumpiang hubad


How to make the sweet sauce (additional cost: ~P 10): In a pot, dissolve 1 tbsp cornstarch in 2 cups of water. Add 2 tbsp soysauce and 1/2 tbsp sugar. Boil the mixture until it thickens. Add 1 tbsp chopped garlic, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Sprinkle some fried garlic on top if you like.

2nd dish: Lumpiang sariwa


How to assemble (additional P 7 pesos for 5 pcs lumpia wrapper)?: Remove the excess liquid in the lumpia mixture. Simply wrap the mixture in the wrapper. You can make your own lumpia wrapper. But because we want to save time, I just bought one. Add some sweet sauce. Sprinkle with crushed peanut or garlic on top (optional).

3rd dish: Pritong lumpiang gulay


How to assemble (additional cost for the lumpia wrapper, oil and vinegar)?: You just need to deep fry the wrapped lumpia mixture. Wait until it turns golden brown. Serve with your favorite spiced vinegar.


Note: carrot is rich in vitamin A. cabbage is packed with vitamin C and K. mungbean sprouts contain antioxidants and amino acid, protein, fiber, folate, manganese and magnesium. tokwa, chicken liver and porkchop are source of protein. garlic has antibacterial properties while red onion has antioxidants.


**good for 7-8 people




1-week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 2

Yesterday or my first day of healthy, easy-to-make and budget-friendly viand/ulam challenge I had ginisang ampalaya and greaseless fried porkchop. Here is the link of my previous post 1-week healthy, easy-to-make and budget-friendly viand challenge: DAY 1 if you want to try it.

Today’s viand is super easy to make!

Day 2 of 7: Sautéed tahong with pechay

Ingredients (PhP 100)

1 kg tahong or mussel, washed (P 80)

3 cloves garlic, chopped (P 5)

1 pc red onion, chopped (P 5)

1 thumb-sized ginger, chopped (P 5)

1 tsp salt (P 1)

1/2 tsp pepper (P 1)

1/2 tsp patis (P 1)

1/2 cup water

1 bugkos (approx. 2 plants) pechay, chopped (P 10)

Preparation (9 mins):

Make sure to wash the tahong (soak them for 30 minutes before cooking so that it will excrete some of its waste) and the pechay (to remove any fertilizer or pesticide residue).

You can opt to sauté garlic, onion, and ginger first before adding the tahong. But, because we are trying to make each viand in this challenge a little healthier, I will always try not to use oil in cooking.

In a pot, mix all the ingredients and wait until it boils (5-6 mins). Then, check if the tahong/mussels, if most of them are already partially open, add the pechay. Mix everything and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Note: red onion contains antioxidants, garlic has antibacterial property, ginger is rich in vitamin B6 and magnesium, pechay has high vitamins A and C, mussels are low in fat and can be your source of protein , vitamin C and iron, and VERY RICH in cobalamin (vitamin B12).


**good for 5-6 pax