Top 3 places to visit in Nebraska, USA

Nebraska is not the most popular place to visit when you go to the US – at least no for me. I usually see people travel to big cities like New York and Chicago or tourist place like Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. So, when I first got an opportunity to go to Nebraska I was clueless on where to go in a flat area. As time flies, I discovered some place here that is worth visiting.

1. Omaha Zoo

Needless to say, this has been named as one of the best zoos in the world for years by several award giving bodies, and this year it ranked #1 in the US by USA Today. From my personal experience, the award is well-deserved! Indeed, the zoo is a must-go place if you have an opportunity to visit Nebraska. My favorite spot there was the aquarium!

Make sure to have enough sleep the night before you go to the zoo, bring some drinking water, and be there early as the opening time of the zoo because you will spend a lot of time walking.

2. McConaughy and Ogalala Lake

I would always say no to friends when they ask me to go to lakes in Nebraska because if you live in a country with lots of bodies of water your standard of it would be high. I have seen a lot of lakes close to my place in Nebraska and they did not impress me the way Lake McConaughy and Ogalala Lake did! It has a wide sandy area you can walk around or camp overnight, and a big lake you can swim. My favorite would be the walking on the sand!

If you will camp, make sure to reserve through their website. Bring your own food, water and chair if you want to stay close by the lake for a day.

3. University of Nebraska – Lincoln

This place may not sound like a tourist spot but I will still recommend someone who will visit Nebraska to stop by the place. The architecture of the buildings in the campus feels like those in the old movies. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon you will see glass houses with different light colors inside. My favorite is the campus in spring. It is so pretty as it is colored by trees, flowers and bushes.

If you cannot be here during spring, the other seasons are still pretty specifically Fall!