Pinakbet vegetables and their scientific names

I saw in the news that the price of dried fish or tuyo is not as cheap as it used to be and people are opting to vegetables. Why not? It’s healthy and you’ll save money! Prepacked vegetables are also cheaper like the photo below.

You can find a lot of recipe in the internet for pinakbet. This Philippine dish is mainly composed of mixed vegetables that’s being cultivated in warmer areas. It’s very easy to cook. You just have to cut the vegetables mix everything in the boiling water add either fish, pork or shrimp paste and voila! Done!

What are the common vegetables in pinakbet? I looked up at different recipes and the common veggies are the following. And if you’re curious with their scientific names, just keep reading!

String beans or sitao – Vigna unguiculata spp. sesquipedalis

Squash or kalabasa – Cucurbita maxima

Eggplant or talong – Solanum melongena

Bittergourd or ampalaya – Momordica charantia

Tomato or kamatis – Solanum lycopersicum

Lady finger or okra – Abelmoschus esculentus

Garlic or bawang – Allium sativum

Onion or sibuyas – Allium cepa

Ginger or luya – Zingiber officinale

My lunchbox with my own pinakbet recipe. I like this dish because I feel like I’m eating healthy.