Top 4 Tourist Destinations in the Philippines that you will NEVER Forget

I used to travel a lot in different islands of the Philippines until the pandemic hit. It’s difficult to travel plus the risk of acquiring the disease stopped me from traveling for almost 3 years now. But, now that traveling has becoming easier and vaccines/boosters are available, we can now book our flights. Out of all the places I went to, the following 4 places are the top ones that will come into my mind without looking at any previous photos or browsing the names of the places, and will highly recommend to people who are planning their vacation.

  1. Enchanted River

It will be like your first love that will never die. Once you visited it at the right calm state and weather you can stay the whole day enjoying the place.

2. Puerto Galera

If you live in Manila and looking for a close place to have a beach night life, then this one is for you.

3. Gigantes Island

The best thing about this one that makes it a top destination to go is the P2 per piece scallops and cheap seafood! Another thing that makes it memorable for me is its unique shape you’ll see from the top – the combination of sand area and small hill.

4. Samal Island

The thing I like the most in this island is that during low tide, you can walk on it!

Wherever you plan to go, plan very well. Here are some points to remember when planning. Do not choose places that are too far if you’ll just have 2 days or less. Look ahead of time if the place is open on the specific date that you wanted to visit. Check the most favorable weather to get most of it from the destination. Since covid is still around, travel with caution, wear mask if it’s too crowded or in an enclosed space. Happy travel!