Growth is painful but beautiful

Have you ever thought how that soft young tissue of the plant gets out of the seed and moves out of the soil? Technically, it’s germination or the start of plant growth. We don’t hear the plants cry but the process looks painful (at least in my perspective).

Which one will you choose?

I guess growth is when you keep learning and trying new things out of your comfort zone because your gut tells you to do it but your brain is too afraid to fail. It will require you to do things you’ve never done before and it will gonna be scary at first, painful on the way and beautiful by the end.

It is scary because of all the unknowns and uncertainties.

It is painful because you have to do things that you are not used of doing, it’s like learning how to read for the first time. Be patient. Good things take time. Practice. Practice. Practice. You’ll see, with time it will get better and easier. Commitment, consistency and perseverance are the key – these keys are not easily gained especially when you stayed stagnant and idle for so long. Even all the quotable quotes by known writers won’t work especially if you keep making excuses to start the change you’ve been wanting. I know it’s difficult but try small steps each day. I, myself is still struggling on this. There are days that I cry myself to bed because it’s too painful but I know this is the right thing to do. In my last post, I am trying to break my bad habits by documenting it virtually. And, I am back to day 1 again. It’s so tough to get out of this cycle but I still believe that I can, you can, we can. It’s really painful but you have to go through it so that you can get out of your shell and be the person the universe designed you to be.

Again, I am starting my day 1. I have a lot of excuses at my mind right now why I am going back to day 1 but it’s better not to make excuses but to start again and try until you get to where you are supposed to be at. It’s a matter of training your brain, body and soul.

In the end, I hope you and me will go back to see how much progress we had done and tell ourselves that we are not the same person from yesterday – that we are way better than our past self. And, I think that’s beautiful.