#breakingbadhabits DAY1: Begin NOW

How many times have you put that you’ll wake up early to workout before heading to the office in your new year’s resolution? I bet not just once. Well I am guilty beyond reasonable doubts. LOL. So many things that I told myself that I will start and stop doing and yet so many times I failed myself. I started Duolingo because I wanted to learn a new language but I ruined my 90-day streak in just a week! I told myself that I won’t eat chocolates when I feel so stressed and yet I ended eating chocolate every single day when I started getting overwhelmed.

A lot of times I am very impatient and get frustrated that I keep going back to my bad habits especially when things become sooo difficult (that’s because your brain will seek comfort. Yes. I always look for an excuse. LOL). But then I had to remind myself to be kind to myself and give it time. One step at a time they say and that saying is absolutely true! I have to persevere and say no to things that keep me coming back to my old nasty bad habits. It’s really really tough. It is a healing process. Years of having those habits won’t change overnight and you should understand that. They say to build a habit you should do it for 21 consecutive days and never miss it twice in a row. To some people it works and to others it doesn’t. Find your own way to do it. At the end of the day, maintaining that good habit that you established is tougher than establishing it. The important thing is to start now. And if you fail yourself, start again and again and again until you get that habit that you wanted to build. Your habits will save you on the days you feel so low and unmotivated. And slowly you’ll understand why they say your habits will create who you will be in the future.

The things you used to do for years are not easy to change forever. We need consistency and perseverance. Each day you have to choose the habits that will create a positive mind, soul and body. It is easier said than done but the important thing is to begin NOW.

A lot of self help books will inspire you and make you start creating those habits. It’s good if it works for you but understand that it is not for everyone. Let’s put myself as an example. I have read tons of top whatever self help books and seen reels on social media that inspired me to grow for the better but most of the times the inspiration only lasts for a day. But I am thinking that maybe if one or two people will start this journey with me I will be more successful in establishing these habits that I’ve been wanting to create. I am putting this up hoping that there are other people that might see this and will go with me on this journey of breaking bad habits and creating good ones. Day 1 is about beginning. You can comment here or send me a message on my IG if you wanted to start yours and together we can be buddies on this.

Today, I wanted to list here the habits that I wanted to create:

  1. Wake up early to journal and meditate before starting working
  2. Read 1 journal article a day
  3. Learn a new code in R a day
  4. Write a few lines for a paper each day
  5. I won’t take a nap unless I finish my to-do list of the day
  6. Plan the next day before going to bed

I will be posting my progress everyday for 30 days here or in my IG account to see if I am having any progress. I would be happy to find someone to go on this journey virtually!