My favorite house plant (perfect for chocolate lovers)

I have been dealing with plants for almost a decade now. Plants are my source of income. I do not have much indoor nor food plants at my house because my work is al about plants. LOL. My family has a mini backyard garden which I am not too involved. But let me share this personal favorite plant of mine – mints!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting into tending plants and they often choose succulents and other ornamental plants like snake plant. These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but they are also easy to maintain. But if you are looking for other easy to grow and cute plants to add to your collection, why not try herbs? They emit aroma that can calm your nerves.

My personal favorite is mint. I am not a sucker for mints when it comes to food but what I really like is its scent. Mints are perennial plants that emit fruity and minty aroma. For chocolate lovers out there who also appreciate the scent of mints, you might want to grow chocomint plant. If you put this plant inside your room, expect the area to smell chocolate and mint. Mint leaves are also perfect with your fruit shakes, juices and teas.

Mints are perfect choice for both beginner and pro plant growers. They are easy to grow and requires minimal care. This plant likes light soil, good drainage, moisture, little to moderate sunshine (your indoor light will do), and small amount of fertilizer (if you are planning to grow them in containers). Good news if you love putting mint leaves in your drinks because this plant will benefit from you if you prune and pick their leaves from time to time.

Want to start right away? Ask your gardening friend for a 6-inch cuttings from his/her mint collection. He/she knows that it is not much to ask because mints can propagate easily from its cuttings.