Aguirangan Island (Philippines)

I can’t remember if I have listed this in my previous posts. But today is the day I will tell you why there’s a special post about this specific island in the Philippines.

The photo was taken 7 years ago as you can see in the picture above. That island is where I first put my feet on white sand and tbh my first time going to the beach.

Remember your first will be a standard to your next. Lucky me I was able to witness a very beautiful, quiet, isolated and rich island on my first beach trip.

I am a person who likes going to peaceful places after a stressful and chaotic moments of my life. An island or beach was never on top of my destination bucket list when I was young because I was scared of the unpredictable water level, waves and wind but this one changed the game. After going to Aguirangan Island, I couldn’t get stopped from hopping from beach to beach. This first time experience allowed me appreciate the beauty of going out of your comfort zone and conquering your fear.

Aguirangan Island is located in Lagonoy Gulf, Camarines Sur. There are a lot of beaches in Camarines Sur but if you are seeking solitude and a day walking on the sand this one is perfect for you. To get here, travelled by land using a motorcycle going to Sabang Port and from there we rode a boat that brought us to the island. Overnight stay is not recommended but we stayed for a night. I remember there are no decent accommodations that time and some of our friends slept on the sand while some in an open cottage. There are also no restaurants so make sure to bring your own food.

If you are looking for a new island to explore why not enlist Aguirangan Island? An underrated small island worth exploring.