Plantita and Plantito Starter Pack

Are you one one of those people who are starting to like growing plants? Whether you want horticultural or agronomic crops, here’s what you need to get that best plantita/a award of the year lol:

  1. Willingness to learn

There are different species of our favorite snake plant. Most of them in the market are low maintenance. But not because they are low maintenance, you can treat one species the same as the other. Being a person who will commit to growing plants need to be open to failures, corrections and willing to do research on their plant.

2. Resources

I am warning you, some beautiful plants will make you burn some of your savings. Removing the expensive plants from the equation, you will still need to allocate some of your resources to your plants’ need. You might need specific rocks, fertilizers, growing media, pots, etc. Just be practical so that planting is still worth doing.

3. Place

If you will look around, plants may differ in size, some are small and others are big. Regardless of the size of your plant you will still need a place where there is easy access to plants’ basic needs like water and sunshine. And if you find yourself enjoying being a plantita/o too much, I suggest you look for a bigger garden because I bet you will easily fill your small space with greens.

4. Time

Are you a busy person before pandemic and just started growing crops since the lockdowns gave you free time? Well, you probably know that tending plants will require you to give some of your time to weed, dig, plant, apply fertilizer, and more. A little time and effort are needed but in the end, doing these things is therapeutic.

Happy farming!