Last-minute tips for those who will take the licensure examination for agriculturists (LEA) in the Philippines

This year’s examination for agriculturists is scheduled on November 10-12 and some of you are already prepared and confident while others reviewed but still doubtful. Here are my 3 last-minute tips:

1.Make sure everything is in place

      – have you booked a place near the examination venue? Do you have the proper white shirt required during the test? Where is your exam permit, ID, calculator, pencil, and black ballpen? These may look basic but getting these prepared well the night before is one less problem you need to worry during the exam.

      2. Sleep

      – allow your mind to rest. It is normal to panic and try to review again everything overnight but it won’t make a big difference. During the time I took the exam, I brought small reviewers of each subject with me and planned to review them the night before but I just chose to sleep and it paid well. The complete rest of my body and mind helped me relax and think critically.

      3. Pray

      – just like what I told you in my previous tips to pass LEA, praying helped me a lot before, during and after the exam. A few days before your exam, anxiety can arise and you may question yourself with “Will I be able to pass the exam?”. At some point you may also consider not taking the exam even if you have prepared everything. In times like this, pray that things go well.

      Good luck, takers!