My favorite house plant (perfect for chocolate lovers)

I have been dealing with plants for almost a decade now. Plants are my source of income. I do not have much indoor nor food plants at my house because my work is al about plants. LOL. My family has a mini backyard garden which I am not too involved. But let me share this personal favorite plant of mine – mints!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people getting into tending plants and they often choose succulents and other ornamental plants like snake plant. These plants are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but they are also easy to maintain. But if you are looking for other easy to grow and cute plants to add to your collection, why not try herbs? They emit aroma that can calm your nerves.

My personal favorite is mint. I am not a sucker for mints when it comes to food but what I really like is its scent. Mints are perennial plants that emit fruity and minty aroma. For chocolate lovers out there who also appreciate the scent of mints, you might want to grow chocomint plant. If you put this plant inside your room, expect the area to smell chocolate and mint. Mint leaves are also perfect with your fruit shakes, juices and teas.

Mints are perfect choice for both beginner and pro plant growers. They are easy to grow and requires minimal care. This plant likes light soil, good drainage, moisture, little to moderate sunshine (your indoor light will do), and small amount of fertilizer (if you are planning to grow them in containers). Good news if you love putting mint leaves in your drinks because this plant will benefit from you if you prune and pick their leaves from time to time.

Want to start right away? Ask your gardening friend for a 6-inch cuttings from his/her mint collection. He/she knows that it is not much to ask because mints can propagate easily from its cuttings.


Aguirangan Island (Philippines)

I can’t remember if I have listed this in my previous posts. But today is the day I will tell you why there’s a special post about this specific island in the Philippines.

The photo was taken 7 years ago as you can see in the picture above. That island is where I first put my feet on white sand and tbh my first time going to the beach.

Remember your first will be a standard to your next. Lucky me I was able to witness a very beautiful, quiet, isolated and rich island on my first beach trip.

I am a person who likes going to peaceful places after a stressful and chaotic moments of my life. An island or beach was never on top of my destination bucket list when I was young because I was scared of the unpredictable water level, waves and wind but this one changed the game. After going to Aguirangan Island, I couldn’t get stopped from hopping from beach to beach. This first time experience allowed me appreciate the beauty of going out of your comfort zone and conquering your fear.

Aguirangan Island is located in Lagonoy Gulf, Camarines Sur. There are a lot of beaches in Camarines Sur but if you are seeking solitude and a day walking on the sand this one is perfect for you. To get here, travelled by land using a motorcycle going to Sabang Port and from there we rode a boat that brought us to the island. Overnight stay is not recommended but we stayed for a night. I remember there are no decent accommodations that time and some of our friends slept on the sand while some in an open cottage. There are also no restaurants so make sure to bring your own food.

If you are looking for a new island to explore why not enlist Aguirangan Island? An underrated small island worth exploring.

Plantita and Plantito Starter Pack

Are you one one of those people who are starting to like growing plants? Whether you want horticultural or agronomic crops, here’s what you need to get that best plantita/a award of the year lol:

  1. Willingness to learn

There are different species of our favorite snake plant. Most of them in the market are low maintenance. But not because they are low maintenance, you can treat one species the same as the other. Being a person who will commit to growing plants need to be open to failures, corrections and willing to do research on their plant.

2. Resources

I am warning you, some beautiful plants will make you burn some of your savings. Removing the expensive plants from the equation, you will still need to allocate some of your resources to your plants’ need. You might need specific rocks, fertilizers, growing media, pots, etc. Just be practical so that planting is still worth doing.

3. Place

If you will look around, plants may differ in size, some are small and others are big. Regardless of the size of your plant you will still need a place where there is easy access to plants’ basic needs like water and sunshine. And if you find yourself enjoying being a plantita/o too much, I suggest you look for a bigger garden because I bet you will easily fill your small space with greens.

4. Time

Are you a busy person before pandemic and just started growing crops since the lockdowns gave you free time? Well, you probably know that tending plants will require you to give some of your time to weed, dig, plant, apply fertilizer, and more. A little time and effort are needed but in the end, doing these things is therapeutic.

Happy farming!

How to travel even if you are broke?

Have you ever wanted to travel but thought you are broke? Traveling makes you grow. Exposing yourself to different places with different culture will broaden your perspective in life. A lot of people are still hesitant to go to their destination dream because of the cost. It is true that traveling will require you to spend money. But, you do not have to be the richest person to travel.

But what if I am broke? Can I still be able to travel? The answer is yes! You can. If you really really want to travel for free why not apply for a job that will require you to travel? I was not born rich and traveling is luxury for me. However, heaven was good enough to make me land to a job that allowed to explore the whole country. It is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to travel while also being able to pay the bills.

If your work does not involve going on trips, then you might find other ways to travel for less. There are a lot of DIYs and budget friendly itinerary to choose from. The web is a big place to look into different options of travel package on how you want to spend your limited budget. Doing thorough research before you ride that plane is a must if you want to go back home with a lot of savings from that trip.

How about those who are still searching for a job and do not have savings yet? You can still travel, pips! Use your imagination. Search for tourist spots near your area. Ask a friend to give you a ride to go there. Pack your lunch. Enjoy! Your location might be housing several gram-worthy travel destination.

Traveling is not a thing I thought I’d do but things happened. The experience is very transforming. Going to places can be a luxury but with effort, one can travel the world for less. Happy traveling!

Last-minute tips for those who will take the licensure examination for agriculturists (LEA) in the Philippines

This year’s examination for agriculturists is scheduled on November 10-12 and some of you are already prepared and confident while others reviewed but still doubtful. Here are my 3 last-minute tips:

1.Make sure everything is in place

      – have you booked a place near the examination venue? Do you have the proper white shirt required during the test? Where is your exam permit, ID, calculator, pencil, and black ballpen? These may look basic but getting these prepared well the night before is one less problem you need to worry during the exam.

      2. Sleep

      – allow your mind to rest. It is normal to panic and try to review again everything overnight but it won’t make a big difference. During the time I took the exam, I brought small reviewers of each subject with me and planned to review them the night before but I just chose to sleep and it paid well. The complete rest of my body and mind helped me relax and think critically.

      3. Pray

      – just like what I told you in my previous tips to pass LEA, praying helped me a lot before, during and after the exam. A few days before your exam, anxiety can arise and you may question yourself with “Will I be able to pass the exam?”. At some point you may also consider not taking the exam even if you have prepared everything. In times like this, pray that things go well.

      Good luck, takers!

      My Top 5 Go-To Beaches in the Philippines

      The Philippines is known for its tourist spots that are budget friendly and worth visiting. Each island promises unique beauty – the people, food, culture, scenery and rich natural resources. Being an archipelago, the country has many beaches you can choose from. I posted 2 parts of the beaches I personally witnessed here:

      There are just too many beaches to choose from but we only have one body, few vacation leave and holidays. Aside from that, travelling is not cheap. The list below are my top 5 go-to beaches in the Philippines. All the beaches are beautiful and these 5 are my personal bias.

      1. Coron, Palawan

      Tbh, this is one of my dream destinations in the Philippines and my top pick amongst the beaches I have in my buckelist. I planned to go here this year but pandemic happened. The island’s majestic bluish-green clear water and rock formations are what I am looking forward. I’ll update the picture once I get here. (Disclaimer: picture not mine)

      2. Cagbalete Island, Quezon

      What I really like about this island is that you can walk from an island going to another island when it is low tide just make sure to monitor the time because water level can drastically change when you get caught up by high tide period.

      3. Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

      If in Cagbalete you can walk from island to island, here you may want to experience going to another island through zip line. You will surely enjoy the vastness of the sea under you as you slowly traverse the line. The island is also one of the best areas to do scuba diving.

      4. Magpupungkol Beach and Tidal Pool, Siargao Island

      Siargao Island is known as a place for surfing. It is also perfect for those looking for a balanced quiet-night life moments in a trip. If you happen to be here, do not forget to visit this one. You will have fun jumping on rock formations, swimming in clear waters and walking on a long stretch of white sand.

      5. Sipalay, Negros Occidental

      This is not a single beach but a place that will allow you to hit a number of birds with one stone. In just a day I was able to visit Sugar Beach, Tinagong Island, Campomanes Bay, and Poblacion Beach by myself, DIY – just imagine the number of places you can visit with your 3D2N trip! My personal favorite is the Perth Paradise Beach Resort where you can swim and view the cute islets.

      look at the sand and how it looks like sugar hence the name Sugar Beach

      5 Tips for the Beginner Plantitos and Plantitas

      Did the lockdown turn you into a plantito or a plantita? Let’s admit it, staying at home and hearing some sad news can be very stressful. Some of us travel to relax the mind, body and soul. But with the situation we are in, we still do not know when are we gonna wander again with ease.

      Plants may be our way to keep us sane and tending them is our temporary escape from thinking about how the world is so uncertain nowadays. I have been a plantita even before the pandemic because that’s what I do for a living. Through time I learned that not all the time growing plants is a stress reliever, sometimes it can be a pain in the ass especially when you are just starting out. I was once a beginner and here are a few tips for you newbie plantita/o to make gardening more rewarding.

      1. Before you buy, look around first
      I was scrolling my twitter feed yesterday and found a number of tweets how price of plants skyrocketed! I was like…huWHAT??!!! And I saw this one plant that costs a whopping 3000 pesos and thought to myself: I just ignore that plant in the office! Do not get me wrong, I am not telling you to not buy any plants. If it makes you happy and you have the money, go, buy it. You do not only help the seller, you also help our economy in the process. I think the mark of a true Plantita/o is the one who does not just buy an expensive plant to flaunt it to his/her Amigo and Amigas. Plantitas and Plantitos should first look around their surrounding and they either ask their neighbours to have some cuttings or they just carefully get some from abandoned pots on the roadside. After all successfully growing the plant from scratch is more fun than having it in an instant.

      2. Research first
      You do not just start your journey as plantito/a journey by buying a fully grown cactus from a pro plantito/a. You first need to do your homework. What are the plants you are eyeing to grow. Do you have a space when the plants grow further? Or can you just prune them so that they won’t occupy too much space? Do you need to buy fertilizer? What kind of fertilizer? How much water does your plant need? What kind of container does your plant need? The success story of your plantito/a does not happen overnight. It is a product of hard their work. As a beginner, your first step should be to do some research about your plant followed by continuously learning from your mistakes and additional tips from the pros.

      3. TLC
      Not the Tomato, Lettuce and Cheese in your burgers but as cliché as this may sound, it is Tender Loving Care. You do not stop on your first search of “what plant to plant in my condo”. It is a series of searches. They need your attention. You need to be ready to give them time and effort. Some plants are not demanding but you still need to give them what they need like water, nutrients and some sunshine. Talk to them, some says it helps them grow better.

      4. It is okay if your first did not end up well
      If you are a beginner, do not always expect your plant to thrive well. Despite your effort sometimes they will just end up wilting. Do not lose hope. It does not mean that you cannot be a pro plantito/a. Growing plants can sometimes be frustrating. Be patient. Experiment. Learn from your mistakes. Remember, you are just beginning your journey. Try other plants or do other techniques. Do not let that single wilted plant discourage you from making a greener world. One day you will have your own collection of successfully grown plant and who knows you might have a mini forest in your place.

      5. Do not get it if you are not ready to commit
      Imagine waking up earlier than the usual to water your plant everyday. Did you like the thought? If yes, then go get that plant from the mobile plant shop. However, if you thought of doing the watering the next day because you won’t exchange the extra 30 minutes of sleep to tending your plant, then forget about jumping on the bandwagon. Just like in any other ventures, growing plants is a commitment. If you are really into growing plants, then you do not need the first four tips because you will do them anyway.

      The frugal wanderer tips to save more on your next travel

      Ask my friends how frugal I am and you will get not only one second the motion but a multitude of stories. (Hi friends) LOL. And in terms of travelling, I am that traveller that will look for the cheapest deals without compromising the fun in exploring a place. Here are 11 tips for you to save more on your next travel.

      1. Plan ahead of time

      2. Do your research

      3. Find a reliable travel buddy

      4. Be on the lookout for seat sales

      5. Stop buying new OOTDs

      6. Check the map

      7. Bring light snacks and water with you

      8. Look for cheaper deals

      9. Do not forget to bring all your basics

      10. Bring enough cash

      11. Do not buy expensive pasalubong