She Was Beautiful

She was a person with a good heart. She was one of my sisters from another mother and father. She was a loving daughter, sister and friend. She was smart. She was friendly. She was passionate on her craft. She was generous. She was thoughtful. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was fast. Her cancer cells were too aggressive that it took less than a year before she left us. We used to regularly call each other to rant, discuss scientific findings, and tell all the recent happenings in our lives. And I miss her.

I miss her random phone calls.

I miss her surprise visits.

I miss her rants.

I miss going out with her.

I miss her.

I met her 5 years ago, and like magic we instantly became friends. I admire her for being a loving daughter to her parents, sister to her siblings and friends, and aunt to her nieces and nephews. She was one of those people with genuine passion for research not for her own gain but for the end-users’ benefit. She might looked like a strict teacher to her former students but the people around her knew how much she cared for them – she wanted them to really learn and excel to what they are doing.

February last year I received a call from her. Her voice was the usual voice I always hear but as she went along with her story, the tone that started lively ended with a bad news in a sad voice – she had breast cancer. For 2 months she was updating me on her treatments and other side stories. Before she cut all her communication lines from all her friends (including me), she told me that she was not getting better. I was still hopeful that she’d survive but unfortunately, her mother contacted me to tell the sad news August last year. She is now in heaven.

I am writing this to show the world how beautiful she was inside and out. And if you can read this right now, I want you to know that I am grateful that the universe allowed us to meet, that I met a beautiful soul like yours. Until we meet again, my dear friend.

And to those people who have someone close to their heart experiencing a bad situation, listen to them, treasure them while they are still with us. Tell them how much you love them. Visit them if you can. Create as many memories as possible.