Why I stopped buying milk tea…

Hey milk tea addicts like me! Just want to share with you why I stopped buying milk tea. At the start of 2020 I said to myself: “No more buying milk tea!” and just 2 days after the new year’s eve I found myself in a line waiting for my turn to order salted caramel milk tea! See what I did there? (Maybe I’ll just put it on my 2021 new year’s resolution? lol). Milk tea is life! Then lockdown happened!!! And most of the things we enjoy were not available and we ended doing DIYs!

Firstly, I learned how to make my own milk tea more that a year ago! Raw materials are always available in convenient stores and groceries (shops that were still open despite the strict lockdown). For your basic milk tea, you will just need a bag of your chosen tea variant, hot water, milk and sweetener. Making one is sooo easy and it will take you less than 10 minutes of your time! Here’s how:

Since I have learned how to make my own milk tea, I realized that making my own at home will give me more savings! Let’s say on the average, you spend 100 pesos per cup of milk tea from your favorite milk tea shop and you drink twice a week or 8x a month! It is 800 pesos per month or 9600 per year! Versus if you buy your raw materials, here’s a sample computaion (in pesos): 200 for 25bags of oolong tea, 95 for 1 liter of milk good for 4-5 glass of milk tea, 60 for 1 kg sugar and 75 for 1 kg raw black pearls. This supply sums up to 430 and would last up to 3 months if you drink twice a week (just add another 4 liters of milk). For 3 months, buying milk tea would cost you about 2400 versus if you are gonna make your own (810). You will have an additional savings of 1590 per quarter or 6360 per year. Saving that you can put in the bank or use invest in a small business or stock market.

Lastly, with the milk tea I make, I know and have control on the stuff I put in there. Nutritionists and doctors won’t recommend too much intake of your milk tea because it can increase your sugar level which can lead to diabetes. If you are the type of person who cannot stop yourself from drinking one every week, then you might consider concocting your own milk tea. Choose healthier alternative sweetener like sugar-free sweetener, stevia, or honey. Aside from the sweetener, you can also choose the tea and milk that you like. Do you want green or black tea? Are you lactose intolerant? Why not try soya milk? You have the freedom to choose the ingredients of your milk tea. Take a photo and in the caption why not name your unique mix?

So there’s the tea (pun intended) lol. The next time you pass by a milk tea shop and crave. I won’t stop you from buying one but consider asking yourself first…is it worth it or I can do it at home?