why do we live?

If you are looking for an inspirational post about living your life, I hope you get something from my post. I too is questioning my existence…my purpose in life. I’ve been contemplating for years now about the reason why I am here on earth and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy made me question myself even more. Do not get me wrong. I find life beautiful. People, places, things – they make life worth living. Despite life being good…I am at that point that I do not know what is the point of living. By that I meant, where are we going? We do our best to live this life to the fullest but all of us will sooner or later breathe the last breath. Why do we keep on fighting for our lives? Others are even in search of becoming immortal? We are born at one point and then we meet struggles and challenges along the way, then comes growth and success and then we die. See? What is the point of overcoming all the struggles and challenges in life?

And I am thinking that maybe living this life is about influencing other people’s lives. What legacy do we want to leave? Maybe we are living not for ourselves but for other people. We do not know right now why we are living but let us give our best shot in everything that we do. Your life is a piece of domino on earth and each action you make will affect others directly or indirectly. I do not know life after death but I do know that this life on earth is so beautiful and worth living. No matter where you are and what you are going through at this moment, remember to still live your life and give everything that you can. Hopefully, one day we will wake up and see that life makes sense.