14 possible reasons why your plant is not surviving

One of the things that happened during the quarantine period was that more people are now into growing plants. Unfortunately, not all succeeded or they were able to germinate them but after a week their plants started to wilt despite the love and effort they put in. And the common question is WHY can’t I successfully grow this plant? I listed 15 possible answers here:

1. Dormant or dead planting material

Have you noticed that the seed you’ve planted and given with favourable environment is not germinating? It is possible that your seed has innate dormancy that needs to be broken or it is already dead prior to your planting.

2. Excessive fertilizer

Do you know the saying that anything in excess is bad? It also applies to growing plants. I know you want your plants to grow big and healthy but be mindful on the amount of fertilizer you apply because it might become toxic.

3. Overwatered

Not because your pot is not overflowing with water would mean you are not overwatering the plant. Some plants (like succulents) require lesser amount of water than others. Too much water will limit the oxygen available to plants.

4. Not enough moisture

I mentioned that overwatering can kill your plant so is not watering them. Water is an important factor in growing plants (you can even check your basic photosynthesis lesson) that is why you should never deprive them with water.

5. Nutrient deficiency

Did I say that excessive fertilizer can kill your plant? Aside from toxicity it would bring, it can also make other nutrients unavailable to plants. Different plant species require different amount of essential nutrient you need to provide.

6. Compact soil

Are you having fun compacting the soil inside your mini plant pot? Do not overdo it even in large scale gardening. Too compact soil will limit the air supply your plants need and it will also restrict root growth.

7. Lack of oxygen

Waterlogged and compact soil are conditions that limit oxygen. Oxygen is an important element for plants. All plant cells require oxygen to live because without oxygen they can’t breakdown their food to get energy.

8. Fertilizer damage

If we are not careful in applying fertilizer, we might cause damage to our plants. Fertilizers are damaging when there is direct contact. Make sure not to put them directly on the leaves or roots.

9. Uncontrolled insect pest

Some insects are beneficials but some are damaging to our plants. Make sure to control those pests before they cause significant loss to yield or worst they kill your plants. Make sure to use proper measure to control them.

10. Underlying disease

You might be wondering why your sooo healthy plant suddenly wilts. It is possible that a vector brought a virus to your plant. Or your soil is contaminated with fungi or bacteria that can infect your plant.

11. Extreme sunlight

Beauty experts would always say: “You can skip every step of your skin care except the sunscreen”. Plants need sunlight – yes. But depending on species, some would be sun loving while others don’t.

12. Too low or high temperature

For those countries with four season, notice how plants change from summer, fall, winter and spring. Again, depending on species, there are plants that would require an optimum temperature to survive.

13. Unfavorable soil pH

Is your plant growing in acidic (low pH) or basic (high pH) soil? If yes, you might want to correct the pH because it is probably limiting the availability of some important nutrients your plants need.

14. Competitive weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants. They do not only compete with your main plant for resources (like water, nutrient and sunlight) they may also release chemicals that can kill your plant.