My minimalism journey: the art of letting go

Have you ever attempted to become a minimalist but failed several times? I do! But I think that’s okay. It is a process. In each mistake you’ll learn and eventually you’ll become the minimalist you are striving for.

My first step was to donate my clothes that I hadn’t wore for a year because surely I won’t wear those for the next coming months. I realised that I was not using them at all. But why did it take so long before I gave them? I guess the answer lies to our emotional attachment to things. You think of all the memories you had with them – shirt you wore during your first job interview, the dress that your friend gave you, etc. If I list every reason you have in mind, you’ll end up not giving up even the most faded polo you have.

But you see, your eyes will betray you at times and you’ll add that another piece of clothing to your cart. If this continues for sure your closet will overflow with clothes. Do not let buying another closet your solution to this. Sell or give your old clothes you are not wearing anymore – that way you’ll earn extra cash or make another person a little happier.

I know I am just starting and still far from the minimalist person I am aiming but I feel like I am on the right track. Why? Because I learned a crucial step – the art of letting go. You need to train your mind not to hold on material things and keep only what really matters. If you gave or sold a thing that had been so close to your heart, congratulations! You are making progress!

It seems that I am enjoying giving my things a new home! I made an instagram account to sell some of them – @letgoproject2020. My first collection will be launched on August 7, 2020. Make sure to check it out. *wink*