Unrequited love is hard

Have you ever loved someone who didn’t reciprocate your feelings? WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! It is okay if you are still in love with this person but if you are totally over with him/her, then congrats! Unrequited love is hard.


Do you still remember the time you first laid your eyes to this person? You have butterflies in your stomach every time you have your (imaginary) moments. His or her actions towards you have romantic meaning. One day you found yourself feeling so sure that you both feel the same but voila! He/she is in a serious relationship with someone. </3

It is painful to love someone who doesn’t love you back. There will be times that you will expect something from this person and end up crying in your room. There is also a possibility that you may bumped into him/her with his/her special person. You’ll surely get sad (or cry) not just once but prolly 10 times.

It’s okay if you still love him/her even after a year or more. If you are still waiting for their feelings to get aligned with yours. Feel the rejection, the pain and sadness. Maybe in the future you might be a thing. But, if not, for sure you’ll see love in a different lens.