4 reasons why you should start growing your own food

Do you know Li Ziqi in the Youtube community? She creates videos about farming for her family’s consumption and her contents get million views in a few hours. It amazes me how so many people like the concept but only few do the actual farming.


I listed 5 reasons why you should start growing your own food now and you’ll never know you might be the next Youtube superstar! *wink*

1. It can save you during lockdowns (and even after)

Remember the days when quarantine was so strict? – there’s the limited days you can go to the market and there’s also the scare of the virus whenever you go out grocery shopping. The list goes on. But imagine if you have some crops that are available in your garden to sustain your daily needs – these plants can save day!

2. It makes you healthier

If you grow your own food, you will need to commit on getting up early in the morning (you are also forced to sleep early). Monitoring your crop and applying the care they need will be your exercise. Studies also suggest that farming helps you relax – releasing the stress that piled up. You also choose what to plant – so better grow healthy foods.

3. It will give you additional savings

Don’t you love to pair fried fish and steamed mixed veggies (e.g. okra, kamote tops, eggplant) plus bagoong with sili and calamansi? I’m craving now so I need to stop. LOL. The plants I mentioned can be bought in the market but they too can be grown easily. Think about the amount you can save if you have these in your backyard.

4. It can be a source of income

There was this time a friend of mine harvested so many okra that she had surplus. She sold those to her officemates and she earned around 300 pesos! Not a big amount but it was surely an added money for her expenses. With proper care, the veggies you plant for your own consumption might also be your additional source of income.