Beaches in the Philippines (Part 1)

I grew up afraid of the sea – the unknown depth and unpredictable waves. The first time I went to a beach was a year before I graduate from college and I didn’t even swim that time. After that year, the universe is kind enough to allow me to witness the beauty of Philippine beaches. Here are some of them.

1. Aguirangan Beach Camarines Sur

The first beach I visited! It was 2013 and I used my friend’s digital camera.


2. Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

I am trying to remember the name of each island we visited (btw it is HUNDRED ISLANDS). LOL.


3. Queen Tuna Park, General Santos

Have a walk or swim for free! This one is open for all and no entrance fee is needed (well that’s the situation when I was there).


4. Cagbalete, Mauban, Quezon

This is the low tide situation but do not wait for the high tide if you do not know how to swim. LOL.


5. Calaguas, Camarines Norte

My friend took this using her GoPoor. Nope that’s not a typo. Forgive me for not giving this beautiful beach justice with my pic.


6. Laiya, Batangas

One of the known beaches in the country. Ala eh!


7. Alubihod beach, Guimaras

Perfect timing when we went there – a not so good weather! (Did you feel the sarcasm there?) LOL. But it didn’t ruin our trip! We still enjoyed swimming and island hopping.


8. Gigantes Island

Different shades of blue! ❤


9. Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Looking for some calm morning and wild nights in a beach? Puerto Galera is the place to go!


10. Love Beach, Occidental Mindoro

Looking for a quiet beach with black sand? Consider this one on your next trip.



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