Young folks don’t often choose agriculture as their career path. Some would want but people around them will raise an eyebrow and ask “what job will you get after you graduate?”. Don’t worry, pal, I got you! I also had the same question when I took the course. After my graduation, I realize that opportunities for agriculture graduates are limitless. Besides we live in an agricultural country. I just wrote 10 career paths among the multitude of options.


1. Agriculturist (PhP 17,000 – 90,000/mo.)

After taking and passing the licensure exam for agriculturists, you can apply as agricultural technician or agriculturist in your town. Your task will involve agricultural activities in your area (e.g. monitoring of rice production).

2. Farmer (PhP 10,000 – 100,000+/mo.)

Being a farmer is one of the best and fulfilling jobs. You are working while feeding people. Depending on your strategy, you can earn to as much as six digits a month. One of the successful people I know quit his CEO position (with PhP 100K/mo. salary) and invest in farming and he said he is earning more farming than his previous job.

3. Farm Consultant (PhP 5,000 – 20,000 per consultancy)

If you do not have an initial capital for your farm or did not inherit a farm land from your parents, why not become a consultant of a farm? Some people have land and would need your farming skills to establish their farm. There are also companies that need your expertise to guide them on their agriventure.

4. Product Developer (PhP 21,000 – 45,000/month)

From the words itself you’ll know that this job will require you to develop a product. In this path, you will need to have skills on methodologies and strategies to create and/or improve a product according to cost and quality targets of the company.

5. Researcher (PhP 18,000 – 75,000/month)

Ever dreamed of becoming a scientist when you were a kid? I bet you can if you take agriculture as your course. Plants, animals, microorganism you choose what field you want to focus on. The objective is to apply scientific knowledge to discover and rediscover things.

6. Professor (PhP 19,000 – 95,000)

Teach. Share your knowledge. Basically, you are going to impart whatever you learned and will learn to your student. You become a mentor of our future aspiring agriculturists. Make sure to mold them to become better people.

7. Field Manager (PhP 16,000 – 45,000)

In other words, you become a supervisor of a farm. You work on the farm and you also supervise. Whether it is a crop trial field or livestock farm, you need to manage your people to efficiently work towards one goal – to have a productive and profitable farm.

8. Marketing and Sales (P 17,000 – 35,000/month + sales commission)

Are you into marketing and sales? If yes, you can take this path as an agriculturist. You will need to promote and sell a product from your company to target consumers. Most of the time you have a quota to reach and exceeding this will give you extra commission.

9. Business owner (PhP 5,000 – 100,000+)

There are just people who don’t want an 8-5 work hours nor a boss. If you are either of the two, then you might want to become the owner of your own business. There are banks that lend money if you don’t have initial capital but make sure that you study your business thoroughly.

10. Extension worker (PhP 17,000 – 40,000)

Do you love sharing knowledge to people? Aside from being a professor, being an extension worker will allow you to do this. You will extend the technology to the end-user. For example, a new farming technique to increase yield was released, your role will be to disseminate and encourage farmers to use the technique.



Disclaimer: salary and job description mentioned here are based on what I know (either I learned it from the person doing the job or from a position I applied). This may vary depending on the company/institution/organization you are in.