9 must try food when you are around Davao City

Durian is the famous must try food in Davao. And I second the motion. Even I myself tried it and have loved the fruit since that day. But if you are not a fan of durian, here are some other must try food I tried myself when I was in Davao.

1. Charcoal ice cream

Not the most good looking ice cream but the taste is superb. And getting charcoal all over your mouth is just a unique and fun experience.


2. Red peanuts

These red peanuts have intense red skin and a little sweeter taste than the usual fried peanuts I tasted. They have other varieties of peanuts so just spot the difference.


3. Grilled banana (Sugbang saging)

If you are just familiar with banana cue and boiled Saba, then here’s another way to cook them – Saba bananas that are in between unripe and ripe stage are grilled for few minutes.


We have this in our town so I am familiar with this. You have a choice to either eat the grilled bananas as is or get it coated first with margarine and white sugar, I’d recommend the latter.


4. Binaki

This grated yellow corn mixed with sugar and milk stuffed in its own husk before steaming is definitely a must try! The ingredients combine perfectly and the aroma of the corn will make you crave for another one.


5. Grilled dishes

In Roxas night market there are kiosk with seafood and meat products wherein you will just choose and they will grill. Perfect with their sauce or/and vinegar. You will surely get an extra rice.


6. Kwek-kwek with seaweeds (lato) and cucumber

Kwek kwek (egg coated with orange batter) is almost everywhere int the country but the twist with their kwek kwek is the free seaweed (I think they call it lato) adding new and refreshing taste to our ‘egg waffle’. 😀


7. Fried chicken innards

Chicken gizzard, intestine, liver, proventiculus, name that chicken innard and they have it crispy fried. They are affordable and best paired with cold gulaman drink.


8. Buchi with assorted flavours

If you are craving for something sweet that is heavy in the stomach – try out their buchi. They come in different flavours. My personal favorite is the matcha buchi.


9. Pica pica fruits

Who said street food can’t be healthy? These pica pica fruits will brighten your inner trying-to-be-healthy self. Stalls usually have fresh mangoes, papaya, singkamas and pineapple.