These 7 Filipino celebrities will inspire you to start your own farm

My heart is just so happy to know that agriculture is getting more attention right now. And I found these 7 Filipino celebrities who also find joy in farming/gardening. Try to look at their instagram feeds and be inspired to start having your own farm.

1. Neri Miranda

Get ready to salivate with all the good looking dishes on her feed made with fresh veggies from her garden. I am truly amazed by the amount of veggies she could grow. This girl really has a green thumb!


2. Mylene Dizon

This kind mother of Clara in the teleserye Mara Clara is surely enjoying her farm. Watch her happy farming vibe on her IG vid wherein she pulled out of the plant box a big radish for her sinigang dish.


3. Chesca Garcia Kramer

Team Kramer is doing gardening! I first saw them gardening when they moved in to their new house. They started with a few plants but now look at how diverse their farm is. Those purpleĀ gardening tools are too cute you might want to start digging right away!


4. Angelina Mead King

I watched her vids driving sports car but what I enjoyed more was when she was driving a golf cart like a sports car inside her garden. Her gardening technique is no ordinary as she grow her crops in tower gardens – it saves space btw.


5. Anne Clutz

People know her as a beauty guru in the YouTube world. She seems like having fun with gardening. In one of her IG posts wherein she is doing agri stuff, she captioned “ME, doing things that make me happy”.


6. Anma Cay

Another beauty vlogger on our list who seems to have passion with plants (specifically indoor plants). She is levelling up her agriculture game as she started her hydroponics set-up.


7. Isha Borromeo

This YTuber known for make-up tutorials is obviously having fun with her crops. Isn’t her smile contagious? According to her post, she is happy to get her bountiful second wave of harvest!



Experience the same happiness and start your own garden now!