28 unsolicited life lessons

I know I am still young to share stuff like this but I’ll share it anyway. LOL. So here are 28 unsolicited life lessons  I learned from my own experiences.


1. Be committed

You can’t just have goals, do nothing and expect success. If you decided to achieve something, do whatever needs to be done until you get the result that you want.

2. Stay positive

In the Philippines we always experience storm every year but we still have good agricultural produce. Storms don’t last and the sun always shines. No matter how bad your day, it will soon pass. Stop worrying. 😉

3. Be kind and gentle

One time I was weeding my plot and I destroyed some of my plants. I realised I was too harsh. The same thing goes to life. Let’s make this world a better place by being a little kinder everyday.

4. Do your best. Always.

From planting to harvesting if you do your best you’ll have good harvest and if you don’t at least you won’t have regrets. Do not settle in mediocrity. If you know you can still push harder then do it.

5. Keep learning

Not because you already master planting your lettuce you will stop learning. There are other plants to study and even other lettuce variety that might perform differently. Do not let your mind sleep. The world is continuously innovating and you should too.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Plants being planted in the same location will eventually have lower yield. And you’ll notice how they grow better when planted to a different place. Stop delaying faster growth by moving out of your comfort zone.

7. Think out of the box

When we hear the word gardening we always think about the soil in our backyard. But did it ever occur to you to have a garden without soil? Yes you can! Search my previous post on soil-less farming. If you think your idea is impossible, think again. It might be what the world needs now.

8. Do not rush to conclusion

There are seeds that do not germinate right away not because you fail but because they have dormancy that needs to be broken. Sometimes we need intervention for our dormant dream to grow.

9. Be patient

Sometimes you find that the universe is not conspiring to get what you want. But, what is really happening is that it is just taking a little longer to let everything be in place so that when the time comes you are ready to have that thing you truly deserve. Besides, mangoes prematurely picked and forced to ripe is not as sweet as those that matured on a tree.

10. Have a routine

Plant. Water. Prune. They look simple but you’ll it will make a big difference with your harvest. Simple routines will become habits (so make sure to have good routines). And will eventually lead to big results. Little by little you’ll achieve greater things.

11. Read

If you have your pack of seeds right now, look at the back and see the percent germination and date it was tested. From there, you’ll see if you will have higher germination rate. Always read. Do not let your mind to go idle for a long time. Remember to always tickle your imagination.

12. Speak up your mind

Sometimes we do not speak probably because we are scared what will other people say. If you think no one will be harmed by what you are about to say, then say it. Wasn’t able to harvest any pechay? Ask your neighbour how did he/she able to grow pechay.

13. Timing is everything

In Mindoro, farmers plant rice during rainy season and corn during summer because rice will need more water than corn. Do not force a thing to happen. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. 🙂

14. If it did not work the first time then do it again

Did your crop die this season? Plant again and apply what you learned previously. It is okay to fail and do it again as long as you are willing to be better from the mistakes of yesterday.

15. Do not be fooled by appearance

16. If you can’t do what you love, then love what you do

17. No direction might mean a redirection

18. Move your body

19. Drink water

20. Eat balance diet

21. Sometimes you need pruning to have better yield

22. Never stop growing

23. Try new things

24. Everything will fall to its proper places

25. Brace yourself with inevitable

26. Persevere

27. Get some sun

28. Trust the process

**Will expound each number everyday. Share your own life lessons in the comment section! 🙂