Easy to make sweet potato milk tea


250 grams sweet potato tops

1 cup water

1 cup fresh milk

1/4 cup sweetened tapioca pearls



Boil the sweet potato tops in water for 3 minutes. Let it cool. Add sweetened tapioca pearls and milk. If you have a very sweet tooth, you can add sugar or honey.


5 places in the Philippines where I will use my travel credit

Do you also have credit points from your cancelled flight/s? Why not spend them on the beautiful islands of the Philippines? Here are the 5 places where I will spend my credit points once it is safe to travel.

1. Coron, Palawan

source: elnidoparadise.com

2. Basco, Batanes

source: whereto.com.ph

3. Tacloban, Leyte

source: tripzilla.ph

4. Boracay, Aklan

source: agoda.com


5. Grande Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

source: outoftownblog.com

I haven’t visited these destinations yet and they are on my #travelgoals #bucketlist. I hope that we can travel again safely and peacefully soon. Will update this blog if ever I get the opportunity to go to these places.

Free crop science reviewer for the Licensure Examination for Agriculturists

According to my site stats, most viewers look at my post entitled 5 tips to pass the licensure examination for agriculturists or LEA. The exam is not a joke. The 3-day examination is composed of 6 parts wherein you will take 2 subjects per day. One of the 6 subjects is crop science and here I am going to give you 50 crop science related questions you can practice on.

1. Pomological crops are agronomic crops.
a. True
b. False
c. Neither true nor false
d. None of the above

2. What is the common name of Phaseolus vulgaris?
a. Lima bean
b. Snap bean
c. common bean
d. both b and c

3. The scientific name of corn is Zea mays, L. The “L” stands for:
a. Lehninger
b. Linne
c. Linnaeus
d. either b or c

4. Aubergine belongs to what family?
a. Euphorbiaceae
b. Solanaceae
c. Poaceae
d. None of the above

5. The specific epithet of Soybean
a. Merrill
b. max
c. Glycine
d. soja

6. An example of plant that commonly being reproduced sexually.
a. Squash
b. Sugarcane
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

7. Crops can be classified according to life cycle. Rice is classified as:
a. Annual
b. Perenial
c. Biennial
d. Cyclical

8. The following are classification of according to growth habit except:
a. Herbs
b. Trees
c. Graminoid
d. None of the above

9. S. bicolor is usually used as:
a. Cereal
b. Legume
c. Fiber crop
d. Oil crop

10. This crop produces latex/resins.
a. M. philippica
b. P. pelucida
c. H. brasiliensis
d. P. nigrum

11. Cover crops help in preventing erosion because of its fibrous roots.
a. True
b. False
c. Neither true nor false
d. None of the above

12. Grasses that are fermented and preserved for animal consumption.
a. Silage
b. P. purpureum
c. Soilage
d. a and b

13. Morphologial character/s associated with avoidance to lodging.
a. small stature
b. stiff stalks
c. both a and b
d. neither a nor b

14. The male flower of corn.
a. Ear
b. Silk
c. Seed
d. Tassel

15. The following are the primary functions of the roots except:
a. absorb nutrients and moisture
b. anchor the plant
c. store food
d. none of the above

16. Legumes can form root nodules. Which of the following is a leguminous crop?
a. Glycine max
b. Katuray
c. Kakawate
d. All of the above

17. Gas form of hormone responsible for ripening and induced with stress.
a. Abscissic acid
b. Ethylene
c. Cytokinin
d. Auxin

18. What is the genus of bittergourd?
a. Momordica
b. charantia
c. Cucurbita
d. Lagenaria

19. The following are root crops except:
a. Manihot esculenta
b. Solanum tuberosum
c. Daucus carota
d. Sandoricum koetjape

20. Which of the following are aboveground stem?
a. Spurs
b. Rhizomes
c. Tubers
d. b and c

21. Gabi or Colocasia esculenta has modified roots called corms.
a. True
b. False
c. It depends
d. Neither true nor false

22. An art, science and business of improving crops.
a. Plant Breeding
b. Plant Physiology
c. Plant Pathology
d. Weed science

23. Termed as “The most obnoxious weed” in the world causing decline in crop production due to production of several tubers.
a. Pistia stratiotes
b. Pennisetum purpereum
c. Cyperus rotundus
d. Ipomoea triloba

24. Rice contains spongy tissue with large air spaces providing plant roots with oxygen under hypoxic condition. This tissue is called:
a. Parenchyma
b. Sclerenchyma
c. Aerenchyma
d. None of the above

25. Modified leaves in pea plants that serve as support to its stems
a. Bracts
b. Bulb
c. Tendrils
d. a and c

We are halfway there! How are you doing so far?

26. Modified leaves in pea plants that serve as support to its stems
a. Bracts
b. Bulb
c. Tendrils
d. a and c

27. Its primary function is for reproduction and ensuring continuance of species
a. Flower
b. Leaf
c. Stem
d. Root

28. An example of a monoecious crop.
a. Zeamays
b. Oryza sativa
c. Manihot esculenta
d. a and c

29.  Which of the following statements is not always true?
a. Incomplete flower has one of the parts missing
b. All complete flowers are perfect flowers
c. All perfect flowers are complete flowers
d. Imperfect flowers have either stamen or pistil lacking

30. A fruit consists of fertilized, matured ovules called:
a. peduncle
b. seed
c. angiosperm
d. gametophyte

31. An efficient way of producing off-season fruits through application of chemicals or other methods.
a. propping
b. bagging
c. flower induction
d. ratooning

32. Strawberries are example of what type of fruit?
a. simple
b. aggregate
c. multiple
d. b and c

33. Plants can produce their own food with the presence of light through what process?
a. Respiration
b. Transpiration
c. Photosynthesis
d. Either a or c

34. Trellis is used as support to growing creeping plants. The following are different types of trellis except:
a. A-Type
b. Live materals
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

35. Plants can produce energy through respiration.
a. True
b. False
c. Neither true nor false
d. None of the above

36. Why do plants transpire?
a. To transport minerals from soil to plant parts
b. To maintain turgor pressure
c. It is not an important process
d. a and b

37. An element is considered essential if:
a. It can replace the function of other element
b. It is indirectly involved in plant metabolism
c. The plant can survive in the absence of the element
d. none of the above

38. Soil fertility refers to the inherent capacity of a soil to plants in adequate amounts and in suitable proportion.
a. True
b. False
c. It is crop dependent
d. None of the above

39. Essential elements needed in large amounts are called macroelements. __________is one of the macroelements.
a. Iron
b. Silicon
c. Magnesium
d. a and b

40. Which of the following statements is/are not true:
a. Microelements are needed in small amounts compared to macroelements
b. Beneficial elements are essential elements
c. Symptoms of deficiency in mobile elements are first seen in mature leaves
d. Sulfur is a macronutrient

41. According to seed technologist, a seed is considered germinated when there is radicle.
a. True
b. False
c. Neither true nor false
d. None of the above

42. The type of germination wherein reserved tissue is raised above the ground.
a. hypogeal
b. epigeal
c. parageal
d. both a and b

43. Arrange the following processes in seed germination (1 being the 1st):
a. Translocation and metabolism assimilates
b. Imbibition or water uptake
c. Seedling emergence and growth
d. Hydrolysis of reserve food
e. Activation of enzymes

44. Which is not always a requirement in seed germination?
a. light
b. favorable temperature
c. proper oxygen level
d. none of the above

45. Place of origin of avocado
a. Mexico
b. Philippines
c. Japan
d. Brazil

46. This method of seed viability testing involves soaking of seeds in water before sowing.
a. dormancy test
b. TTZ test
c. flotation test
d. none of the above

47. Pangasinan is the top producing province of which crop/s
a. eggplant
b. calamansi
c. peanut
d. a and c

48. This type of seeds should be stored with low moisture and low temperature and relative humidity upon storing.
a. orthodox
b. recalcitrant
c. intermediate
d. a and c

49. Government agency that is primarily responsible for all national censuses and surveys, sectoral statistics, consolidation of selected administrative recording systems and compilation of national accounts
a. Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
b. Philippine Statistics Authority
c. Institute of Statistics
d. Statistics Authority for Agricultural commodities

50. The top sugarcane producing province.
a. Sultan Kudarat
b. Tarlac
c. Davao del Norte
d. Negros Occidental


Follow my blog to know the answers (I will also explain why the other choices are incorrect)! Or you can simply search the web.

Disclaimer: The author composed the questions from different literatures. These are sample questions and there’s no guarantee that any of these will be on the actual exam.

Good luck, takers! *wink*

Bible verses about love

Love is magical and the most powerful force on earth. Here are some bible verses about love that I try to live in.


“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” – John 4:8

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His only son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life. For God sent His son into the world not to judge the world but so that through Him the world might be saved.” – John 3:16-17

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:30-31


I am far from being a saint but still I believe that to make this world a better place we should fill ourselves with love until it overflows and you become a source of love. If you are filled with love, then you can only exude love, right?


Likha ng sariling kaisipan. Isip na naguguluhan at marahil pusong nasasaktan. Sapagkat may mga salitang dumadaloy sa isip na hindi kayang bigyan ng boses.


Hindi ko namalayan
Lumipas na ang maraming araw

Hindi ko namalayan
Nawala na ang sabik na nararamdaman

Hindi ko namalayan
Ako na pala yung bumitaw

Hindi ko namalayan
Hindi na pala ikaw ang aking mahal

_ _ _



Sabi mo noon ako ang ‘yong gusto
Ang ngayon at bukas nakaplano
Ikaw at ako yung sinabi mong sigurado
Sa panalangin mo kasama pa nga yung tayo

Isang umaga may ibinulong ka
Tanong na nagpabangon sa’kin sa kama
Masaya ka pa ba?
Baka nasasanay na lang sa isa’t isa?

Masakit na ako’y iyong tatalikuran
Pero mas masakit ata ang ipilit na ako pa rin ang mahal
Ayokong gumising ka na wala nang nararamdan
Kaya handa na akong bumitaw

Hindi mo naman sinadyang mawala
Pati ikaw nabigla
Parang may hindi tama
Ano nga ba ang ating ginagawa?

Anim na taon
Maraming pagkakataon
Ito na marahil ang panahon
Mahal, ititigil ko na ang aking ilusyon

My fave lines from Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami

It’s been a week of no internet (hello, PLDT, are you there? LOL) in our house and because of that I was not able to post anything here. However, one positive thing that happened was I finished reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I wanna share to you some of my favourite lines in the book. I just forgot to note who said the specific line/s.


“Each person feels the pain in his own way, each has his own scars.”

“People are drawn deeper into tragedy not by their defects but their virtues.”

“We accept irony through a device called metaphor. And through that we grow and become

deeper human beings.”

“Love can rebuild the world they say, so everything’s possible when it comes to love.”

“And as long as there’s such a thing as time, everybody’s damaged in the end, changed into something else. It always happens, sooner or later…”

“…but even if that happens, you’ve got to have a place you can retrace your steps to…a place that’s worth coming back to.”

“Listen, every object’s influx. The earth, time, concepts, love, life, faith, justice, evil – they are all fluid and in transition. They don’t stay in one form or in one place forever. The whole universe is like some big FedEx box.”

“I’m scared. As I told you, I’m completely empty. Do you know what it means to be completely empty?”

“Taking crazy things seriously is – a serious waste of time.”

“Pointless thinking is worse than no thinking at all.”

“The longer people live, the more they learn to distinguish what’s important from what’s not.”

“Whether you’re talking with people, or things, or whatever, it’s always better to discuss things.”

“Chance is a scary thing, isn’t it?” Hoshino said. “It certainly is”, Nakata agreed.

“Let a bright light shine in and melt the coldness in your heart. That’s what being tough is all about.”

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But also tear you apart.”

“The choice is entirely up to you. Nobody’s going to force you to do one or the other. But once you’re in, it isn’t easy to turn back.”

“When you surf you learn not to fight the power of nature, even if it gets violent.”

“The world is a metaphor, Kafka Tamura.”

My one week budget-friendly ‘baon’ meal

“Prepare your own lunch” – we often hear or read this tip from how-to-save-money vlogs/blogs. Now that most of us are going back to work, let’s try to create our own lunch! Sharing to you my personal one week lunch meal. I tried to make them as healthy and as easy to prepare (because I need to be in the office by 7am) as possible.


1 pc toasted bread, 1/4 cup autéed ampalaya with egg , 2 pcs tomatoes, 1 pc cucumber, 2 pcs green eyes lettuce, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 ponkan, 1 small ripe banana.

Estimated cost: PhP 90; Prep time: 20-30 mins



1 cup of rice, 1 slice fried bangus, 1.5 cup pinakbet mix, 2 dalandan

Estimated cost: PhP 60; Prep time: 20 mins



1 cup rice, 1/2 cup bistek na tokwa, 1.5 cup sautéed tofu, sayote and carrot, 3 pcs boiled saba banana, 1 ponkan

Estimated cost: PhP 75; Prep time: 30mins



1 cup rice, 1/2 cup bistek na tokwa, 1 cup chopsuey, 1 lakatan

Estimated cost: PhP 60; Prep time: 30 mins



1 cup rice, 1 pc tomato, 1 pc cucumber, 1/2 hotdog, 1 fried chicken (leg), 2 kiat-kiat orange

Estimated cost: PhP 90; Prep time: 30 mins


Note: I do not eat each set in one sitting; I consume the first half during breakfast and the other during lunch.

Btw, I only work mon to fri but I usually prep my family’s sat and sun meal.


Rice, Spanish sardines, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber

Estimated cost (good for 5 serving): PhP 250; Prep time: 40 mins



Rice, fried fish, tomato egg omelette, banana

Estimated cost (good for 5 serving): PhP 270; Prep time: 30 mins


Eating out could slash a big part of your salary, therefore making your own meal is practical. But not because you are saving would mean you will compromise your health.  Do some research and use your imagination on how you will transform these pieces into a healthy, budget-friendly and easy to cook meal.


Young folks don’t often choose agriculture as their career path. Some would want but people around them will raise an eyebrow and ask “what job will you get after you graduate?”. Don’t worry, pal, I got you! I also had the same question when I took the course. After my graduation, I realize that opportunities for agriculture graduates are limitless. Besides we live in an agricultural country. I just wrote 10 career paths among the multitude of options.


1. Agriculturist (PhP 17,000 – 90,000/mo.)

After taking and passing the licensure exam for agriculturists, you can apply as agricultural technician or agriculturist in your town. Your task will involve agricultural activities in your area (e.g. monitoring of rice production).

2. Farmer (PhP 10,000 – 100,000+/mo.)

Being a farmer is one of the best and fulfilling jobs. You are working while feeding people. Depending on your strategy, you can earn to as much as six digits a month. One of the successful people I know quit his CEO position (with PhP 100K/mo. salary) and invest in farming and he said he is earning more farming than his previous job.

3. Farm Consultant (PhP 5,000 – 20,000 per consultancy)

If you do not have an initial capital for your farm or did not inherit a farm land from your parents, why not become a consultant of a farm? Some people have land and would need your farming skills to establish their farm. There are also companies that need your expertise to guide them on their agriventure.

4. Product Developer (PhP 21,000 – 45,000/month)

From the words itself you’ll know that this job will require you to develop a product. In this path, you will need to have skills on methodologies and strategies to create and/or improve a product according to cost and quality targets of the company.

5. Researcher (PhP 18,000 – 75,000/month)

Ever dreamed of becoming a scientist when you were a kid? I bet you can if you take agriculture as your course. Plants, animals, microorganism you choose what field you want to focus on. The objective is to apply scientific knowledge to discover and rediscover things.

6. Professor (PhP 19,000 – 95,000)

Teach. Share your knowledge. Basically, you are going to impart whatever you learned and will learn to your student. You become a mentor of our future aspiring agriculturists. Make sure to mold them to become better people.

7. Field Manager (PhP 16,000 – 45,000)

In other words, you become a supervisor of a farm. You work on the farm and you also supervise. Whether it is a crop trial field or livestock farm, you need to manage your people to efficiently work towards one goal – to have a productive and profitable farm.

8. Marketing and Sales (P 17,000 – 35,000/month + sales commission)

Are you into marketing and sales? If yes, you can take this path as an agriculturist. You will need to promote and sell a product from your company to target consumers. Most of the time you have a quota to reach and exceeding this will give you extra commission.

9. Business owner (PhP 5,000 – 100,000+)

There are just people who don’t want an 8-5 work hours nor a boss. If you are either of the two, then you might want to become the owner of your own business. There are banks that lend money if you don’t have initial capital but make sure that you study your business thoroughly.

10. Extension worker (PhP 17,000 – 40,000)

Do you love sharing knowledge to people? Aside from being a professor, being an extension worker will allow you to do this. You will extend the technology to the end-user. For example, a new farming technique to increase yield was released, your role will be to disseminate and encourage farmers to use the technique.



Disclaimer: salary and job description mentioned here are based on what I know (either I learned it from the person doing the job or from a position I applied). This may vary depending on the company/institution/organization you are in.

The Story of Our Mulberry Tree

Mulberry or Morus spp. is a tree usually grown to produce leaves fed to silk worms. Its fruits contain vitamins and minerals and a lot of antioxidants (which according to studies can prevent or slow cell damage, btw).


If you are following me on my Instagram you’ll know that I recently posted a picture of mulberry fruits and how I mixed it with my oatmeal the next day. We have been benefiting from the tree since the day it started bearing fruits. The twist is that it is a gift of nature to us and here’s the story…


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a kind mulberry tree. A bird from a random place got tired. He saw the mulberry tree and perch on a branch to rest his aching wing. The mulberry tree greeted the bird, “Hello, bird! Have some fruits, the black ones taste sweet and the reds are a bit sour”. The bird ate the fruits and thanked the tree. After a while, he bid goodbye to the tree to continue his journey. The bird spotted a place to rest again (in our small backyard) and pooped then flew again.

One day, we saw a new plant in our backyard. We did not remove the plant and years went by and the tree grew and started bearing fruit. And from that time we learned that we have a mulberry tree!

Of course I made the story of the bird and the mulberry tree because I really don’t know where the bird came from and where he ate mulberry. I don’t even know the bird’s gender. LOL. All I know is that we never bought a tree nor plant any mulberry in our backyard. Our theory is that a bird that ate mulberry fruits defecated in our backyard.

Birds may disperse seeds. There are number of ways these birds can do this – seeds attached on their wing, seeds the birds brought through their beak or claw and seeds from bird’s droppings. And whenever I see birds on a tree eating fruits I always wonder where the seeds will land and then the song Big Yellow Taxi will play on my mind. Specifically these lines:

Hey farmer farmer
Put away the DDT
I don’t care about spots on my apples
Leave me the birds and the bees

Will always be thankful to the bird that gave us a mulberry tree. I can enjoy mulberry fruits for free! If you have one, try putting some to your oats.



9 must try food when you are around Davao City

Durian is the famous must try food in Davao. And I second the motion. Even I myself tried it and have loved the fruit since that day. But if you are not a fan of durian, here are some other must try food I tried myself when I was in Davao.

1. Charcoal ice cream

Not the most good looking ice cream but the taste is superb. And getting charcoal all over your mouth is just a unique and fun experience.


2. Red peanuts

These red peanuts have intense red skin and a little sweeter taste than the usual fried peanuts I tasted. They have other varieties of peanuts so just spot the difference.


3. Grilled banana (Sugbang saging)

If you are just familiar with banana cue and boiled Saba, then here’s another way to cook them – Saba bananas that are in between unripe and ripe stage are grilled for few minutes.


We have this in our town so I am familiar with this. You have a choice to either eat the grilled bananas as is or get it coated first with margarine and white sugar, I’d recommend the latter.


4. Binaki

This grated yellow corn mixed with sugar and milk stuffed in its own husk before steaming is definitely a must try! The ingredients combine perfectly and the aroma of the corn will make you crave for another one.


5. Grilled dishes

In Roxas night market there are kiosk with seafood and meat products wherein you will just choose and they will grill. Perfect with their sauce or/and vinegar. You will surely get an extra rice.


6. Kwek-kwek with seaweeds (lato) and cucumber

Kwek kwek (egg coated with orange batter) is almost everywhere int the country but the twist with their kwek kwek is the free seaweed (I think they call it lato) adding new and refreshing taste to our ‘egg waffle’. 😀


7. Fried chicken innards

Chicken gizzard, intestine, liver, proventiculus, name that chicken innard and they have it crispy fried. They are affordable and best paired with cold gulaman drink.


8. Buchi with assorted flavours

If you are craving for something sweet that is heavy in the stomach – try out their buchi. They come in different flavours. My personal favorite is the matcha buchi.


9. Pica pica fruits

Who said street food can’t be healthy? These pica pica fruits will brighten your inner trying-to-be-healthy self. Stalls usually have fresh mangoes, papaya, singkamas and pineapple.