5 easy to grow crops

You want to have your garden but scared you might just screw up everything? Here are some of the crops you can start with that will less likely die even if you do not have the “green thumb”.

1. Kangkong

Do you love adobo and fried kangkong. Growing one is easy. It grows in the water or land. And you can also do hydroponics!

Water spinach or morning glory on white background

2. Alugbati

This one is a no pro thing. Planting one might not require a lot of fertilizer and other maintenance stuff unless they become a little crowded – just do pruning.


3. Malunggay

You can grow this plant packed with vitamins and minerals anytime during the year through seed or cutting. After 3-4 months you will have free malunggay in your tinola.


4. Kulitis

Some consider this as a weed and from that you know how effortless you can have this in your garden. Make sure to get those that do not have thorns before cooking your stir fried amaranth.


5. Kamote tops

Keep the remaining stalks you got from the market and plant them in your backyard. Two to three weeks you won’t need to go to the market anymore to buy one. And three months after you can have camote cue.


Although these crops are easy to grow, make sure you are committed in your garden and have time to check them from time to time.