7 locations for my dream farm/s

Wazzup #FARMily! Do I sound like a YTuber? Nah. LOL. BTW. How’s your farm/garden? Are you enjoying it and now having plans to level up into a larger farm? Or just interested to retire in a simple and quiet farm? Here are some farm lands I went to and personally want to own (but don’t have the budget yet. hehe).

1. Masbate

A 10-12 hour land travel plus 3 hour RoRo boat ride. They have big farm land. Some are hilly some are flat. Perfect to grow rice, corn, and vegetables. You can also grow forages for your grazing ruminants. There are also lots of cow ranches in the area!


2. Mindoro

The weather can be extremely hot and dry or raining hard for days. But the soil is fertile and good for crops like corn, rice, cassava and onion. Just make sure you have water source if you are planning to plant rice during the summer season.


3. Isabela

The first time I went here I was amazed by the large areas planted with hybrid corn. From afar, you’ll think that you are seeing Bermuda grass but when you take a closer look, they are corn. Although lands are dominated with corn production you can still innovate and customise your own farm.


4. Laguna

I specifically want farm land in cold areas in Laguna like Liliw, Nagcarlan and Lumban. Aside from the favourable temperature for high value crops, there are enough moisture and fertile soil needed by plants.


5. Quezon

An area for coconut production but lanzones, pomelo, banana and other fruit trees can also grow well here. There are flat areas where you can grow rice, corn and veggies. You are also near the ocean and seafoods are easy to access.


6. Cavite

Another place to grow high value crops. The environment is favourable to any crop. During my undergrad, we would always have trips to lettuce, bell pepper and tomato farms here and the produce are amazingly good looking and big than the usual I see in public markets.


7. Batangas

A place known for its yummy lomi and best beaches. This place is also a perfect spot for your dream farm. They have nice weather for your crops and animals. You might also consider including coffee (kapeng barako to be specific) and cacao for that early morning coffee and chocolate aroma.


Visayas and Mindanao have their own beautiful and productive farm lands worthy of your investment. I just personally picked those in Luzon because my home is in Laguna and these places are travel-friendly for me.