Simple guide on how to easily start your own farm

This pandemic has shown us how important farming/gardening/agriculture is to survive during a lockdown or even if we go back to the ‘new normal’ settings. Your farm or garden will be your source of food. If your farm is managed well, then you might not need to go to the supermarket for a week or a year and just depend on your produce.

Here’s a quick and simple guide you can follow. And if you still need a thorough planning, you can get me as your consultant! LOLjk.

First, ask yourself. Do you really want to do it? How far are you willing to go? Establishing a garden no matter how big or small requires commitment and passion. You can’t leave your farm unattended. And you can’t just plant something and wait for it to bear fruits. You have to have time for your farm despite your busy schedule.

potted plant and clock alarm on shelf

Second, you need to know your objective/s. What are your garden goals? Are you doing it to produce your favorite basil leaves? Do you want a farm complete with all the crops that your body needs? Or is it just to establish a new hobby? Whatever it is, you need to have YOUR OBJECTIVE/S. List them down.


Third. What resources do you have? Did you inherit a 10-ha farm? Or you are leaving in a condo and the only space you have is the terrace? Adjust your objective/s based on what you have. It is ok to start in a small area and if you find yourself wanting to expand, then do it. I have a post on how to do farming in a soil-less condition and the crops you can start with. Also, how much are you willing to spend for other garden needs like seeds and fertilizers?


Fourth. After having the objectives based on your resources, do you have the basic knowledge on the crops you want to put in your garden? Not knowing your crop is a sin in farming. A lot of resources is available in the web. Instead of scrolling mindlessly on your social media accounts, why not read on how to grow your crop of interest?

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 7.15.43 PM

Fifth. What will be your plan? How are you gonna start with your objective, resources and knowledge? Do you want to plant rice first on a hectare out of your 10-ha? If you are gardening for your own food, how are you gonna schedule your planting date to have a daily source veggies?


Sixth. Start. Do not waste too much time being scared that the small garden or the 10-ha farm will fail. If not now when? Have you answered the first 5 questions? If yes, then you are ready to go! Go on, buy your seeds, prepare your land and plant!


Lastly. Monitor and record everything that you will experience in your farm/garden. Whether good or bad take notes. From those things that you listed you will learn and the next cropping season will be better. This will show your future gardener self how much you have grown from the day you begin your garden.


This is a simple guide. You will learn more as you progress. HAPPY GARDENING/FARMING! 🙂