13 things you can do when you are bored

If you are done binge watching your movies/series and found yourself scrolling mindlessly through your social media accounts, you might consider other activities I listed below.

1. Gardening

Turn your backyard into a productive piece of land through gardening. And if you do not have your own backyard, consider doing soil-less gardening. I posted how to do hydroponics and crops you can plant when you are surrounded with concrete. Make sure to check them out on the archive.


2. Exercise

Burn those unhealthy and extra fats you gained while sitting on the couch, binge watching and eating junk foods. You can either play sports outside (if you have space for that) or just do simple stretching and yoga inside your house. This will boost your mood and strengthen your body.


3. Read

Whether it is the bible, a journal article, a book, or newspaper, do it – read. Reading does not only build your vocabulary, other benefits include increasing your ability to empathize, preventing age-related cognitive decline, improving brain connectivity, reducing stress, fighting depression and contributing to a longer life.


4. Attend webinar/s

There are a lot on the web that offers a wide variety of webinars. They are really informative. Make sure to book your slot on the webinar topic you are interested. Do not let your mind be idle for a long time. Unleash your hidden passion you never knew existed until you witness that random webinar.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.31.35 PM

5. Apply for an online course

Learning is a continuous process. Do not stop growing. Want to learn programming since your undergrad days? Now is the perfect time. Several institutions offer several online courses for  free (e.g. programming). You are never too old to become the person you have dreamed of.

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6. Write a journal

In this techie world we can just pour out our thoughts to the web. However. there is a spark of joy when we have a pen and a physical notebook (well for me personally). Journaling is said to reduce stress,  improve immunity, keep memory sharp, boost mood and strengthen emotional function. So, why not give it a try? Besides, you have your dusty notebook from your favorite coffee shop.


7. Paint

Are you into arts? Ever noticed your growing collection of paints and paintbrushes? But found yourself with blank canvas? Well maybe you are too busy at work that you do not have a spare time. Stop scrolling, gather your things, paint and awaken your inner Van Gogh.


8. Listen to a podcast

Sometimes we become too addicted on our social media accounts that we can’t easily stop ourselves from looking through our newsfeed. Good news! You can hit two birds with one stone. Try listening to an informative or inspirational (your choice) podcast. They are perfect mindless chores and you learn something about a subject.


9. Cook or bake

Thinking of recreating your favorite meal or dessert from a restaurant because they taste good but they are lacking or in excess of something? Put your phone down, find the recipe, wear your apron and start cooking or baking. You might even exceed the quality of your fave dish, and save money because eating out is not worthy than the skill you mastered. 😉


10. Learn a new language

Ever thought of watching Kdramas and Japanese anime without reading subtitles. Make it possible by studying Korean language and Japanese language during your extra time. Begin with the basics then transition to complex ones. The world is so big you can study a LOT of languages.


11. Sing or/and dance

You don’t need to own a Karaoke slot machine to sing nor a set of Xbox 360 to dance. Sing and dance at your own time using your phone. Youtube houses songs with lyrics and Just Dance videos that will guide you to become the next Rihanna. LOL.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.22.14 PM

12. Play musical instrument

Do you have a ukulele in your house but do not know how to play it? Or you abandoned your instrument because you always have an excuse not to use it? Put down your phone and pluck the strings of your ukelele. There are online video tutorials to teach you how to play. And if you are an expert, try to learn an new song you haven’t played yet.


13. Take a nap

And lastly, if you feel tired doing all 12 activities mentioned. Nap. 😀


Bonus: if you still have energy, why not look for an extra online job?