Quick guide to see Mayon volcano: 6 places to get different views

When I was a kid, I always see Mayon volcano in my Sibika at Kultura textbook. Never in my life I had imagined that I would see this structure in person. Its perfect cone shape has always left me in awe. Took several pictures of it and kept coming back to the place from time to time.

They say it wasn’t as perfect as it used to be because of several eruption that happened. Nevertheless, you will still get amazed by its beauty.

So here’s a very quick guide on how to go to Albay and see the picturesque Mayon volcano:

From Cubao, ride a bus going to Legazpi. You can drop off to these places:

1. Guinobatan

See Mayon volcano while enjoying the town of Guinobatan. They have good food and good people. There are also several ukay-ukay shops in the town proper selling very cheap second-hand treasures.


Personal favorite: chicharong bulaklak meal at Bigmike’s Acacia fast food.

2. Camalig

Ask the driver if he knows Albay Agri Ethno Eco Village in Camalig (Agri Village) if he doesn’t know, use your Google map. From the Agri Village you will walk for 5-minutes to get to Sumlang lake and have a good view of the lake, rice field and Mayon.


Personal favorite: abaca furnitures on bamboo rafts (you can sit on the furnitures and ride the rafts). Do not forget to try the famous ‘pinangat’ dish.

3. Daraga

This is the way you will see Mayon when you are at Our Lady of the Gate Parish in Daraga, Albay. Drop off at Daraga Municipal Hall and walk your way to the church. It will require you a little hilly trek but it will be worth it.


Personal favorite: the architecture of the church and the panoramic view of Mayon

4. Cagsawa

The way Mayon is seen in books is usually with this one. Tell the driver to drop you off at the road going to Cagsawa (landmark: a replica of Cagsawa church). Hire a trike to get you to Cagswawa Ruins. Unfortunately, the beautiful clouds covered the view. LOL.


Personal favorite: ATV rides and souvenir shops.

5. Legazpi Boulevard

You drop off at Legazpi Grand Terminal and ride a jeepney or tricycle going to Embarcadero and then to the boulevard. Get a good view of the Mayon in the port. There is also a LEGAZPI signage there you might want to get a picture with.


Personal favorite: Sili Ice Cream of the 1st Colonial Grill. They also have other unique ice cream flavour like cocoa and calamansi ice cream.

6. Ligñon Hill

Drop off at Albay Park and Wildlife (you can also add this to your itinerary). Then ride a motorcycle going to the hill. If you have extra time and energy, then you can trek to get to the top (make sure to bring extra shirt and water).


Personal favorite: a panoramic 360-degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf, and the Mayon Volcano.