newbie gardener OOTD

I remember the first time I had field work. It was a 2-ha field of corn. I was there almost the whole day for harvesting and data gathering. It was a very hot day!!! And do you know what I wore? – yep – a cotton green T-shirt, pants and a pair of purple New Balance shoes! I didn’t even wear a cap! Hooray! I ended having sunburns and exhausted body. I realised that it was not just the heat of the sun and the whole day field work, me not wearing the proper attire was a big factor.

So here’s an OOTD I would recommend if you are going to the field:


Wear cap, it will protect your head from heat. You can also wrap your head with white cloth or shirt before putting your cap. White cotton shirt provides additional sun protection.

Wear long sleeve shirt, it will protect your arms and upper body against the sun and dirt.

Wear pants, it will protect you from the sun, insect bites and sharp/thorny weeds.

Wear boots, also wear thick socks. This will protect you from snake bite if you accidentally stepped on them. It makes walking on uneven surface easier.


Make sure to protect yourself while enjoying farming/gardening!