1 week ulam/viand challenge: DAY 6

Day 6 is a little bit challenging but I did it so surely you can do it too!

DAY 6 of 7: Ginataang kalabasa and home-made burger patty

For the ginataang kalabasa:

Ingredients (P 72):

2 cups kalabasa, sliced (P 20)

1 cup sitao, cut (P 10)

1 cup malunggay leaves (P 5)

1/2 cup sili leaves (P 5)

1 cup pure gata (P 25)

1 cup 50:50 gata:water (free)

1 pc onion (P 5)

3 cloves galic (P 5)

1/2 tsp salt (P 1)

1/4 tsp pepper (P 1)

Preparation (9 minutes):

In a pot, boil kalabasa, sitao, onion, garlic, salt and pepper in the gata-water mix until the veggies get half-cooked. Add the malunggay, sili leaves and pure gata, then simmer for 1 minute.


Note: kalabasa as we all know is rich in vitamin A. sitao is an excellent source of vitamin C and K, good source of folic acid and protein. malunggay leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins and other essential phytochemical. coco milk is rich in vitamin C and E.

Fot the home-made burger patty:

Ingredients (P 156):

1/2 kg ground pork (P 90)

1 medium size carrot, chopped into tidbits (P 15)

2 eggs (P 14)

3 tbsp flour (P 10)

1 pc red onion (P 5)

3 cloves garlic (P 5)

1 tsp salt (P 1)

1 tsp pepper (P 1)

1/2 cup cooking oil (P 15)

Preparation (15-20 minutes):

In a bowl, combine ground pork, carrot, eggs, flour, salt and pepper. Mix everything until you get that burger consistency. Heat the pan and add oil. Fry your burger patty until it turns golden brown.


Note: ground pork is high in protein. carrot is good source of vitamin A.


**good for 6-7 people