10 picture perfect places in Taiwan you can visit for free

You heard it! Taiwan’s visa-free entry for Pinoys is extended! If you are on a tight budget but want some picture perfect location, try out these places!

1. Taoyuan International Airport

Upon arrival or before leaving the heart of Asia, stroll a little, they have a good airport with hidden spots to pose. Just like this TAIWAN signage spotted before going to immigration area.


2. Golden Falls at Ruifang District

This falls can take your breath away. The place was formerly a copper mining site giving the rocks its golden color hence the name.


3. Jiufen Old Street

The street looks ordinary at first glance but as you go along, you will realise that it has a mysteriously fascinating view. With some skill from your photographer and you as the subject, you can get the perfect angle.


3. Shifen Old Street

It is the largest station on Pingxi Line. The railway is aesthetically pleasing and just perfect for your railway model shot. LOL.  The famous activity there is lantern lighting (1 lantern = NTD 180 with color to choose from), wherein you write your wishes on the lantern and release the lantern to the air. But, if you’re not fan of this activity, just be yourself – a photobomber. LOL.

IMG_8930Note: if you still have night markets to visit, do not buy yet your pampasalubong/souvenirs there, the price of goods is relatively higher here.

4. Rainbow Village

This is one of my favorite places when we visited Taiwan. Pretty walls everywhere and free entrance? Who wouldn’t love this village? It was created by a former soldier Huang Yung-Fu. The place is located in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan, 3-4 hours away from Taipei.


5. Elephant Mountain

If you have no budget for Taipei 101 but want to have an overlooking view of the city, you can try hiking the Elephant mountain. The trail is not rough but it is a long and kinda tiring trek. You have to climb several steps to get to the top. Make sure to wear appropriate attire and bring extra clothes and water. Start trekking at around 4-5pm if you want to see the sunset. You can stay there until darkness engulf the city and see the lights slowly coming into life.


6. Xinyi District

After seeing the lights from above (at Elephant mountain), admire them from below. City lights from above and below are just equally beautiful. Walk around Xinyi Distrit and make Taipei 101 your perfect backdrop.


7. Night Markets

Shilin. Raohe. Huaxi. Name it. Taiwan has many night markets to offer. These markets are free of entrance. Just prepare your stomach and budget because there are a LOT of foods to try! And if you’re already full and the night is still long, why not spot places worthy as background? Like the structure I found in one of the night markets we visited.


8. National Palace Museum

This place is located in Shilin District, Taipei. There is an entrance fee if you want to go inside the museum but it is free if you availed the Fun Pass. But do not get dismayed, there are so many locations outside the museum you can take your picture for free. Try out the architectural arch in front of the museum.


9. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is a famous landmark and tourist attraction built in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, a former President of the Republic of China. The place is located in Zhongzheng District, Taiwan. Tip: get the whole picture of their pretty Paifang (Chinese gate) using the panorama mode of your camera/phone.


10. Longshan Temple

Amazingly, this one stood for hundred of years already. It was built in 1738 and survived several natural disasters and wars. This is one of the largest and oldest temples in Taiwan. Entrance is free but donations to maintain the place is encouraged. Aside from this structure, there is also a mini falls on the side you can admire.


Taiwan is a beautiful place you should put in your bucket list. You do not need to spend too much because there are a lot to see in this country that are pleasing to the eyes and to your (IG, FB, Twitter) feed.